Top 6 Mastermind

Top 6 Mastermind is a one-year program, perfect for solo-entrepreneurs who are looking to reach a consistent 6-figure income. Entrepreneur and executive coach Terry Humphrey will lead a group of approved participants, called the Program Cohort, through 10 monthly sessions that will include learning new skills, building a network, and catapulting your business to the next level through peer-learning with personal coaching, group work, and a retreat.

As a Participant in the Cohort, you should expect to:

  • Permanently redefine your expectation of success at a much higher level.
  • Learn leading edge business skills that will save you time and money.
  • Build powerful business connections and partnerships, and almost certainly some deep and nurturing friendships too.
  • See you and your business moving steadily forward with the power of a constant support system.
  • Leap over obstacles that previously seemed insurmountable.
  • Experience a disproportionately powerful mindset shift, just from the simple act of investing in your own success

Click here to download more information about Terry Humphrey and the Top 6 Mastermind Sessions. Take the next step to grow your business over the 6-figure mark, apply now!  All applications will be reviewed and you will be contacted if accepted into the program.

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Program Features

10 monthly 3-hour in-person sessions, supported by online webinars and tools

1 two-day retreat

Guest speakers

Additional Program Highlights

All participants in the Top 6 Mastermind Program will receive a monthly Business Tip e-mail.

Monthly Power Hour, a one-hour call with Tommi Wolfe, and others, to have specific questions answered.

Top 6 Mastermind Retreat held annually for all Top 6 participants.

Gold and Diamond members participate in a VIP Day offered up to two times during the year, to specifically focus on deeper learning or to trouble-shoot challenges.

Diamond members receive 8 hours of one-on-one coaching to accelerate their business planning and special just-in-time expertise for business challenges.

Is Top 6 Mastermind Right For You?

Some of the most successful Top 6 Mastermind participants have come from a wide variety of businesses, including, but not limited to the following: financial planners, designers, authors, consultants, health practitioners, personal trainers, photographers, organizers, nutritionists, event planners, therapists, painters, attorneys and accountants, and more.

Here are some criteria to help you decide if this program is right for you:

Are you a solo entrepreneur or very small business of at least 6-12 months?

Do you have at least some idea of the niche you will be serving, or are willing to make the best choice you can see right now and move forward?

Are you motivated and determined to get started and stay the course for a year or more?

Are you talented in your field, or willing to do what it takes to quickly learn the field?

Do you earn less than $250,000 in revenue right now?

Are you willing to invest in yourself and your business?

Are you not currently supported by business coaches, or internal and external resources?

Do you have the ability to control your own pricing and packaging of services?

Are you willing and committed to do what it takes to play a bigger game and build a successful business?

If you answered yes to all of the questions above, then you’re ready!