Personal Financial Statement Template

Getting a loan can often be complicated and somewhat frustrating. Maintaining a personal financial statement (saved on your computer) can eliminate much of the frustration of completing loan applications and can, in many instances, be used in place of the application (or sections of the application) entirely.

What is a personal financial statement?

Just as businesses use financial statements to provide their leadership and investors with important financial information, a personal financial statement is used to give a lender a clear picture of a borrower’s financial position. This document, which is sometimes an Excel spreadsheet, typically includes a breakdown of your assets and liabilities.

Assets include account balances in checking or savings accounts, retirement account balances, stock or investment funds, as well as any real estate you own. Liabilities include credit card balances, loans and mortgages. The resulting difference between these two categories—assets and liabilities—represents your net worth.

Download a Personal Financial Statement template.