The Veteran Entrepreneurs Journey | Q & A

Corissa Wiest - Pathway Women's Business CenterQ/A with Corissa Wiest, Veteran Entrepreneur and PWBC Member


On June 28, the Nashville Entrepreneur Center will be hosting Bunker Labs  Nashville Muster event, connecting and empowering innovative Veteran entrepreneurs in our community. The event will include over 200 thought leaders, veterans, and community partners gathering together at the Pinnacle at Symphony Place. In honor of this event celebrating Veteran Entrepreneurship, we thought it would be inspirational to hear from one of our very own Veteran Entrepreneurs, Corissa Wiest.

1. Briefly explain the business/entrepreneurial endeavors you’re involved in.

Synergistic Solutions provides transitional general management services to small and fast growth companies, in need of define processes and improved efficiencies and project management. We bring Synergy and Solutions that deliver sustainable impacts.

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2. What was your biggest challenge in transitioning from the military service into your role as an entrepreneur?

My biggest challenge in transitioning from military service to the role of entrepreneur was actually overcoming the fear of not having a verified structure (such as a hierarchy) in which I could step into and understand the requirements for continual advancement. Numerous government co-workers were continually telling me that I should not being giving up guaranteed security and a guaranteed pay check, so having these voices speak into your life for over a decade created a false mental barrier and challenge of which I had to overcome.

3. What is one resource you wish you would have had at the start of your journey?

The resource that I wish I had would have been a program, like a Woman’s Business center during the Transitional Assistance Program (TAP) when separating. I feel that just the information knowing their was a resource out there for small business owner’s other than the SBA would have been beneficial.

4. How do you think networking with other female veteran entrepreneurs benefits you and your business?

Networking with other female veterans benefits my business by bringing in a diverse set of individuals that have lived all over the world and are from varying backgrounds.  These veteran women provide insight into my organization that I would not otherwise be able to obtain through my normal networking channels within my industry.

5. What piece of advice would you give another female veteran just starting out as an entrepreneur?

The piece of advice I would give is just to do it.  Start, create, and form something that is your own.

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