Workshop Preview: Hiring & Team Development

Hiring & Team Development Workshop

A sneak peak at our team development workshop

Pathway WBC is hosting three more sessions of our Hiring and Team Development workshop targeted at helping business owners understand the essentials of hiring and retaining an amazing team of people for their prospective company.

Not only does team development allow for a business to run more smoothly, but it also strengthens the work culture, which in turn improves the quality of your business’s hires.


About the facilitator

Bill Puryear of Coherent Counsel has a substantial career lasting over 20 years as a successful global business executive, building profitable business relationships in more than 25 countries and working with organizations to increase their functionality and efficiency. Now he’s sharing his experience with small business owners and entrepreneurs.

“Sometimes a candidate can come in and be aligned with the job description but not aligned with your company’s culture or values,” says Bill. “There’s a good chance that person is going to be miserable. We want sustainable people who will be happy and can operate effectively.”

His credentials include experience in organizational development, leadership development, vision casting, strategic planning, business planning and SWOT analysis. With award-winning marketing and record-breaking sales growth, Bill’s mantra involves, “changing the world by helping companies who change the world.”

What is this workshop about?

People are the key to success in your business, so it’s important to be able to filter and screen new hires so you can know you’re adding trustworthy, hardworking individuals who will help (and not hinder) your company’s growth. When hiring isn’t done well, it can be life or death for a company. Once you’ve hired the right people, it’s critical to keep developing that team so they grow with your business.

Whether you’ve been in business for 30 years or you’re just starting out, there’s always room to improve the style of your interview process for potential employees. This workshop gives you the hiring do’s and don’ts as well as help you to understand why you are hiring at all.

You’ll learn that having a well-constructed job description is the key, and strengthening the alignment of your business allows you to filter and identify new hires that are able to adapt to your company’s culture.

This workshop also explains the importance of hiring protocol and how you should design individual development plans for employees’ skills and behaviors once they’re hired on. As Bill puts it: “Team development and hiring is a great place for a leader to live.”


Ready to learn how to hire better employees for your small business?

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