To Scale or Not To Scale…That is the Question

On Friday October 12, 2018 Michael Knouse, a Business Coach and Strategist for visionary business builders, thought leaders, and impact-driven entrepreneurs stopped by Pathway WBC for a thought provoking discussion with our clients and staff.


Kathleen Cotter, owner of Bloomy Rind (@thebloomyrind) and Michael Knouse @MichaelKnouse hosted a workshop for entrepreneurs all about how to scale your business without losing your mind.

Michael’s primary focus is helping overworked entrepreneurs (mostly coaches, consultants, thought leaders, and service pros) to build a more sustainable, scalable, and profitable business so that they can outsmart the hustle, enjoy more freedom, and benefit from increased the impacts of their business.


Michael presented his workshop to a group of entrepreneurs who enjoyed lunch and learned about how to scale their own businesses.
Three ways to scale your business include:

#1 Productize your offers: Productized services can free you from manually tackling every aspect of your business. It allows you to automate more of your sales and marketing, allowing clients to become less dependent on individual touch-points and more reliant on your brand; your “product.” In short, your professional service is packaged so it becomes more like a product you can easily sell and service in a repeatable way.

#2 Narrow and simplify your model: Stop trying to be all things to all people. When you narrow your target audience and simplify your business model, your message will resonate more deeply with the right clients and you’ll make more meaningful connections.

#3 Optimize the business you have: Look at your business processes and optimize them for efficiency. Whether you’re on your own or have employees to support you there are a plethora of tools at your disposal that simply optimize your time.

Michael reminded the group that you must optimize the business you have before thinking about taking it to the next level.  “Trying to scale a business that isn’t optimized is like trying to eat soup with a fork. You’ll take lots of action but starve to death.”

Interested in hearing more from Michael? He hosts The Startup Sessions podcast and is the creator of The Council of Visionary Business Builders. To virtually learn more about growing your business without losing your mind, listen to Michael’s podcasts here.

Are you ready to take your small business to the next level? Let us help with one of our cohorts focused on sustainability and growth. Attend an upcoming Blue Sky Workshop or email Pathway WBC Director, Courtenay Rogers, to learn more.