Power Surge Preview: The Peach Truck

Power Surge with The Peach TruckAn interview with Power Surge guests of honor, Jessica & Stephen Rose

Grab your ticket now a peach of an event — on Thursday, August 2, Stephen & Jessica Rose will be our guests of honor at Power Surge.

We recently sat down with The Peach Truck owners for a preview of their story, and how they’ve grown from operating out of a single truck to a booming brand with a national following.

Describe the moment you went from “we wish there were better peaches around here,” to “we’re going to bring better peaches to everyone.”

When Stephen and I were thinking about this idea of “The Peach Truck,” we weren’t thinking in terms of a five-year business plan. We had idea that we knew had the potential to become more. We’d tried peaches from the grocery store and even at markets, and felt they didn’t live up to Stephen’s childhood experience growing up in Georgia.

With his hometown farm only a state away, we knew there had to be a way to bring this staple of his childhood summers to Nashville. After a visit or two to the farm just chatting about the challenges of farming and the distribution process, we asked if we could take a swing at it and bring some peach to Nashville.

That first summer selling peaches, it was literally just Stephen and me, and our 1964 Jeep Gladiator. It wasn’t long into selling around town that we both realized that our customers were coming back and bringing their friends. We were on to something. It was that moment that gave us the courage to really own this peach problem and take on the challenge of fixing it for our community.

Did you have any mentors along the way?

We’ve always been very grateful for the fourth generation of Georgia peach farmers. They’ve grown up in the business of peaches, so we listen extra carefully to what they have to say.

Other than our friends at Pearson Farm, we have many “literary mentors.” We can look at our bookshelves and literally do a road map of how this book or that one gave us ideas or directives that have changed our lives. We’re also avid Podcast listeners. They allow you to have a front row seat to incredible minds and learn profound things from thought leaders.

Why are you coming to Pathway WBC to share your story with small business owners and people who are hustling to start their own new business?

We’re coming to Pathway WBC because we’re energized by being around other entrepreneurs who are in the thick of it and looking to find solutions. We love the creative process that unfolds and feel great joy from helping others, and learning from them as well.

As small business owners, we’ve benefited greatly from the love and support of other Nashvillians, and feel the need to pass what we’ve been given along to the next entrepreneurs in line!

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Jessica and Stephen’s small business adventures with The Peach Truck were recently featured on the Today Show’s Today Food segment. Check it out:

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As always, one Pathway WBC Cohort graduate will be taking the stage before our guests of honor to pitch their business – stay tuned for details!

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