Sister Schubert shares her story at Pathway WBC

Entrepreneur Patricia Barnes shares her story with entrepreneurs in Nashville

As a founding partner of Pathway Women’s Business Center, Regions Bank has been a huge supporter of our work and mission. On October 24, the local Regions team brought Patricia Barnes, better known as “Sister Schubert,” to Pathway Women’s Business Center.

Sister Schubert and Pathway WBC Guide Cohort

Sister shared her story, answered questions, and imparted advice to a select group of entrepreneurs, including the members of our Guide Cohort. Along with the recipe for her signature yeast rolls, Sister’s grandmother instilled a love for baking from a very young age.

A baker at heart with an entrepreneurial spirit, Sister set out to share those iconic round pans of rolls with the world.

“My daddy asked me ‘how much money can you even make on a pan of rolls?’” said Sister. “I never focused on how much I could make on a single pan – I was focused on how many pans I could make.”

That drive has taken Sister from baking for church fairs to a household name. Yet, Sister holds strong to her faith and values, saying “no matter how busy I get, we always made time for meals together as a family.”

When asked if she faced any challenges as a female entrepreneur, Sister smiled and shared how many times she’s been outnumbered on boards or in important meetings. “At one meeting, I was seated in the middle with all men, and these businessmen kept asking everyone but me about decisions and details for the business,” said Sister. “Finally my dad interjected and said ‘y’all need to be asking her these questions. It’s her business.’”

Making the rolls for the first time for the family dinner is a rite of passage in Sister’s family. “I remember my grandmother putting me in charge of the rolls when I was 12 or 13,” says Sister. The tradition has continued through the generations, and now Sister’s granddaughter will be making the rolls this holiday for their family meal.

Despite being told the various ways she could make more money – switching to square pans, for example, Sister refuses to change anything about her grandmother “Gommey’s” roll recipe. “Gommey used a round pan, so we still put every single one of our rolls into round pans by hand,” says Sister.

“Never let anyone try to change your idea or try to tell you your idea won’t work.”

You can read more about Sister’s story and see videos on the Sister Schubert’s website, or check out all the photos from the event on our Facebook page.

Sister Schubert speaks at Pathway Women's Business Center

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