• 2015.06.05 Power Surge with Mrs. Rosetta Miller-Perry

Power Surge with Mrs. Rosetta Miller-Perry: Event Recap

Working Your Plan to Achieve Success

There was quite a buzz at Pathway Women’s Business Center last Friday as we welcomed Mrs. Rosetta Miller-Perry, CEO and Publisher of the Tennessee Tribune, as our guest speaker for June’s Power Surge.  Our crowd filled the room to hear more about how this newspaper pioneer succeeded in growing her business, despite numerous barriers that could have held her back.

It comes down to a few pieces of advice on creating a plan that Mrs. Miller-Perry suggests would benefit any business owner:

  1. Define Your Mission: You must have and follow a mission that you can clearly articulate to others. With this as your focus, everything you do helps you achieve your goals. Further, adhering to a mission creates followers in your community – your “unpaid staff” who can help spread your message to others.
  2. Get It In Writing: From time to time you will encounter those who will try to take advantage of a situation and hold you back from success. This is why legally binding contracts are so important. Not having a contract with your service providers can leave you open to lawsuits. While you may win some of these lawsuits, all can be costly.
  3. Keep good records: Your business does not operate in a vaccuum. You are subject to a variety of laws that require documentation. If you should be audited, or get a visit from any government agency, having complete records are essential to avoiding fines and other penalties.

We can’t thank Mrs. Miller-Perry for her time, it was a tremendous honor to have her as our guest.

More photos from this event are available on the Pathway Women’s Business Center Facebook Page