Power Surge Recap: Coach Stephanie White

Stephanie White at Pathway WBC Power Surge

Vanderbilt Women’s Basketball Head Coach Stephanie White shares advice for entrepreneurs at Pathway WBC networking event

This June, Pathway WBC welcomed Vanderbilt Women’s Basketball Head Coach Stephanie White as the guest of honor at Power Surge.

Power Surge is a dynamic networking event hosted each quarter at Pathway Women’s Business Center where guests listen to an inspirational talk from a local female leader and network with peers.

Coach Stephanie White’s talk? Building Your Best Team.

Here is a quick recap of Coach White’s powerful presentation and how entrepreneurs and small business owners can build their own winning teams:

When it comes to hiring staff or finding partners…

Every person on your team has a different background, experience level and skill set. But they need the same commitment to your team.

When you’re looking for staff, look for the people who aren’t afraid to try to change your mind. The people you can trust. The people who will tell you when you’re wrong.

When it comes to defining your company’s identity…

It’s absolutely critical to be authentic and it’s crucial to know your core values. It needs to come from the team. It has to be their voice. Make sure your daily habits match your core values – that’s across the whole team but it starts with the leader.

For our team, the core values include accountability, toughness, integrity, loyalty, passion. Our players came up with these core values. And now we have a standard to hold each other too.

Find your key values, execute them, and hold each other accountable. The intangibles are the most important piece of culture – not sales or wins, but effort and integrity and attitude.

 When it comes to being the leader or founder…

Preparation is critical. Think 5 steps down the line. It creates confidence.

The leader sets the tone to how the entire team will react to criticism. And it’s important to remember debate is good. Debate is critical for new ideas, a stronger team. It’s critical for your team to learn to fight for the things they believe in. Your team needs to know how to sell those things they believe in.

When your team believes in you and their role in the team, they don’t want to let you down.

Your job as a leader is to mentor your team to be future leaders. Accept that sometimes it’s not going to work out, but as long as you’ve been authentic, that is okay. It makes for a stronger team in the long run. Keep in mind that if someone on your team goes on to be successful somewhere else, that’s an incredible reflection of your leadership. Be proud.

When it comes to inspiration for the team, Coach shared a favorite quote from Colin Powell:

“If you are going to achieve excellence in big things, you develop the habit in little matters. Excellence is not an exception, it is a prevailing attitude.”

Thank you, Coach White, for an inspiring presentation on the importance of building and believing in a strong team.

Find photos from the 2017 Power Surge with Vanderbilt Women’s Basketball Head Coach Stephanie White on our Facebook page.

Photos from Pathway WBc Power Surge event with Stephanie White

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