Pathway WBC Welcomes New Members to Board of Advisors

Get to know Jacqui Hayes, Kenya Nelson Stevens, and Christy Pruitt-Haynes – three strong new additions to the Pathway Women’s Business Center 2019 Advisory Board.

Pathway WBC Advisory Board welcomes three new members This year, we’re welcoming three new members to our Board of Advisors. Jacqui Hayes, Kenya Nelson Stevens, and Christy Pruitt-Haynes join seven other accomplished advisors whose distinct entrepreneurial journeys collectively showcase the many paths to success women in business can pursue.

We value the diversity in perspectives and areas of expertise that make up a Board of Advisors dedicated to furthering the Women’s Business Center mission. With experience in different facets of entrepreneurship, our new advisors bring with them a variety of new perspectives and insights that will undoubtedly move our organization and clients forward. Get to know Jacqui, Kenya, and Christy.

Jacqui Hayes

Jacqui Hayes, a long-time friend, client and partner of Pathway Lending, has been teaching classes and workshops in social media, marketing, content creation and more for the past three years. At her firm Crayons & Marketers, Jacqui helps Main Street businesses connect with customers in ways that promote long-term business growth.

In joining the 2019 Advisory Board, Jacqui brings a passion for serving the vast community of women business owners throughout Tennessee. We’re looking forward to her collaborative approach to relationship building and leadership.

Jacqui hosts Pathway WBC’s popular Social Media School for Business, now in its third year. Register to attend before spots are gone!

Kenya Nelson-Stevens

Kenya Nelson Stevens, the owner and founder of Nashville-based KNS Solutions, provides accounting and bookkeeping services for businesses and entrepreneurs. Though her expertise lies in crunching numbers for companies’ financials, she trains her focus on educating entrepreneurs to successfully run their businesses long-term.

Kenya started at Pathway WBC as a client and launched her consultancy a few years ago. She currently facilitates our Embark Cohort and volunteers as a mentor to small business owners on all things accounting. Kenya has experienced the full journey of growing her business with Pathway’s resources and turning around to help other local entrepreneurs achieve the same success. As part of the Board of Advisors, we look forward to gaining Kenya’s powerful perspective as well as her communication, speaking, and teaching skills.

Christy Pruitt-Haynes

Christy Pruitt-Haynes is an expert in human resources and team building. With more than 20 years’ experience, she helps businesses and entrepreneurs transform their leadership and personnel into some of the biggest contributors to positive ROI. In using her own personal brand to develop her management business, she understands how entrepreneurs can use honesty and transparency to find success through their passions.

Christy has significant experience in working with Pathway as both a mentor for Cohort graduates and Ignite 360 program participants. Christy has also been a featured speaker at numerous Women’s Business Center events, including Power Surge and International Women’s Day. The nature of Christy’s work means she focuses on empathizing with entrepreneurs and understanding their pain points before equipping them with strategic planning, human resources and communication skills and tools.

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