Pathway WBC Success Story: Angela Evans

Meet the entrepreneur behind Overbrook Medical Legal Consultants

Angela Evans, Pathway WBC Success Story

After twenty years as a Registered Nurse, with the last six as a Family Nurse Practitioner, Angela Evans was ready to make a bigger impact in her community. By merging her love of investigating with her expert knowledge of medicine, Evans set out to become “the Nancy Drew of insurance fraud” and the idea for Overbrook Legal Medical Consultants was born.

“According to the FBI, health care fraud costs our country an estimated $80 billion dollars each year, and that affects each and every one of us. As nurses, we have an ethical duty to protect and advocate for our patients,” says Evans.

“When I realized the impact that medical fraud was having on our country, I knew I had to do something. I like to think that at Overbrook we are doing our part in this war against fraud by investigating what I refer to as the ‘ethically challenged’ whether that be an individual, a provider, or a hospital system.”

Evans joined Pathway WBC, and with the help of her mentors, staff, and her peer working group she was able to successfully purchase an existing medical fraud company.  By narrowing Overbrook’s services to that of fraud investigation she has seen tremendous growth.

Within six months Overbrook has expanded from a spare bedroom to a 1,200-square-foot office, has brought on five employees, has experienced a 1116% business growth, and is operating at a 42.4% net profit margin.  According to Evans, “My company wouldn’t be where it is today if it wasn’t for the mentoring and support I received through Pathways WBC.”

“Being a small business owner, it’s important to realize that you don’t have all the answers.  That is why it is paramount that you surround yourself with people who do,” says Evans. “The decision to join Pathway changed my life and my entire business.”

Overbrook recently started working with the Tennessee Department of Health in helping to identify prescription fraud as it relates to the opioid epidemic that plagues our country. Evans’ vision is that one day Nashville will not only be referred to as the Health Care Capital of our country, but it will also be known as the Fraud Investigation Capital, with Overbrook leading the way.  “My goal for Overbrook is not so much about making money, as it is about making a difference.”


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