Pathway Mentoring Series: Adapting Your Marketing Strategy

As clients and small business owners began to face marketing challenges, Pathway hosted an Ignite Mentoring Series on the topic of Adapting Your Marketing Strategy. Our expert panelists tackled the topic with tips on market research, social media channels, technology and more, and dove into ways you can act now to market during COVID-19.

Check out the slideshow below for key points to remember.

Thank you to the below panelists for sharing their wisdom.

Craig Ballin | With over 18 years of experience in the media marketing world, Craig is a jack of all-trades. He specializes in consulting businesses and developing integrating customer-centric strategies to build brands. A video producer by title, Craig has produced over 500 TV commercials.

Thallen Brassel | Thallen is a reputable legal advisor in the areas of Commercial Transactions, Intellectual Property and Marketing & Advertising, serving clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies, to social media influencers, nonprofits and rising entrepreneurs. She helps clients understand and comply with laws relating to Truth-In-Advertising, Campaign and Ad Text, Website Terms & Conditions and more!

Meredith DeSpain | As a communications advisor and strategy leader, Meredith has over 15 years of experience in the financial, technology and social sectors. She specializes in establishing organizations as thought leaders and advocates via community engagement, executive communications, content marketing, CSR, media, influencer and related programs.

Jacqueline Hayes | Jacqueline is the Chief Marketing Strategist of Crayons and Marketers, a WBE, DBE, MBE certified full-service marketing agency. Her team offers support in content marketing through services in four key areas: Strategic Marketing, Marketing Technology, Public Relations, and Outsourced Marketing Support.

Vanessa Taylor | With over 20 years of combined IT and Project Management experience across multiple services and industries, Vanessa has managed projects and teams, built IT governance programs from the ground up, facilitated focus groups to identify and resolve issues and incorporate efficiencies, developed and implemented security and privacy awareness, and more!

Pathway is here to help your business navigate the road ahead. Watch our events page for updated workshops to help you restart.