Nominations for 2018 National Small Business Week Awards

SBA National Small Business Week Awards

Deadline to apply for national small business awards is January 9!

The SBA’s National Small Business Week is April 29 through May 5, and you have until Tuesday, January 9 to nominate YOUR small business for an award. Click here for full details and instructions on eligibility and how to apply.

National Small Business Week Awards will be given in the following categories:

  • Small Business Person of the Year
    • One from each of the 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Guam.
  • Exporter of the Year
  • Phoenix Awards for Disaster Recovery (three total)
  • Federal Procurement Awards:
    • Small Business Prime Contractor of the Year
    • Small Business Subcontractor of the Year
    • Dwight D. Eisenhower Awards for Excellence (for large prime contractors who use small businesses as suppliers and contractors)
    • 8(a) Graduate of the Year
  • Awards to SBA Resource Partners:
    • Small Business Development Center (SBDC) Excellence and Innovation Center Award
    • Women’s Business Center of Excellence Award
    • Veterans Business Outreach Center of the Year
  • Jody C. Raskind Lender of the Year
  • Small Business Investment Company of the Year

Want to share your story and nominate your business for Small Business Person of the Year?

Judges will use the following evaluation criteria hen reviewing the nomination packets for Small Business Person of the Year:

  1. Staying power — a substantiated history as an established business; including but not limited to expansion, exporting, addition of territories, or growth in square footage occupied.
  2. Growth in number of employees — Increases over the three years must be in excess of growth in Gross Domestic Product.
  3. Increase in sales, net profit, and net worth for the three prior calendar years, that is, 2014, 2015 and 2016.
  4. Response to adversity — examples of problems faced in the nominee’s business and the methods used to solve them.
  5. Contributions to community-oriented projects — evidence of the use of his/her personal time and resources

What information is requested for the Small Business Person of the Year nomination?

Nominations for the Small Business Person of the Year must contain the following information. Incomplete nomination packages will not be considered.

  1. A completed background form (SBA Form 3300, Award Nominee Background Form) which is available at For “team” nominations, a background form is required for each team member.
  2. A completed nomination form (SBA Form 3301, Small Business Person of the Year) which is available at
  3. An original 8” x 10” or 5” x 7” photo of the nominee or a digital photo – at least 300 dpi is required; photocopies are not acceptable. For “team” nominations, a photo of each nominee or group photo is acceptable.
  4. Additional supporting documentation deemed significant by the nominator, including news clips, letters of recommendation, nomination letter (if not self-nominated) and other evidence of the appropriateness of the nomination (supporting documentation must not exceed 10 pages). Videos will not be considered.

Please note, all nomination packets must be mailed or hand-delivered to the nearest SBA Office no later than 3:00 p.m. ET on January 9, 2018. Tennessee has two SBA District Offices, one in Nashville and one in Memphis. Click here for addresses and contact information. The Alabama District Office is located in Birmingham – click here for more info.

Consult the Awards Guidelines for details on the other National Small Business Week Awards mentioned above!