New workshops: Leadership for entrepreneurs and hiring for your small business

New leadership classes for entrepreneurs at Pathway WBC

Leadership, team building, and strategic hiring are all critical skills for any small business owner. Pathway WBC is proud to offer two new workshops this summer to work on these focus areas.

These strategic leadership sessions are regularly valued at $200, however through a partnership with Pathway Lending, we are able to offer these courses at a discount. There are two new workshops: “Hiring & Team Development” and “Practical Leadership Skills for Entrepreneurs.”

Hiring & Team development workshop

Hiring & Team Development Workshop

A strong team and positive work culture are crucial to the success of any business, especially in a stage of growth. Discover practical steps to improve the quality of the hires you make for your company and how to develop the best team possible.

Two-hour session offered 6 times this summer.


Practical Leadership: Tools for Success Workshop

As entrepreneurs, one of the most vital skills we need is leadership. However, we get caught up in the day to day of our business and neglect to learn and develop tools to be a successful leader of our growing business.

Join us at Pathway WBC to develop your own practical leadership tools through effective communication and leadership do’s versus don’ts. Two-hour session offered 6 times this summer.

Cost to attend leadership & hiring workshops:

  • Pathway Lending loan clients: FREE
  • Pathway WBC members: $15
  • Guests: $25

Upcoming Leadership and Hiring Workshops at Pathway WBC:

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About the Facilitator:

Bill Puryear of the Coherent Counsel team brings real-world experience from operational excellence, C-suite strategic leadership, award winning marketing and record breaking sales growth.