Navigate Cohort Testimonials

Hear from past participants in Pathway WBC’s Navigate Cohort, our small business accelerator

Our earliest Pathway WBC members will recognize our new accelerator program as the “Top 6 Mastermind” cohort, but  as of 2017, we are calling this program “Navigate.” The Navigate content is still the same great Top 6 Mastermind courses taught by the dynamic Terry Humphrey, we’ve just updated the look and name!

The Pathway WBC accelerator program, or Navigate Cohort, is perfect for small business owners who have a solid grasp of their sales cycle, but want to push into the next level of sales.

Who should enroll in the Navigate Cohort?

  • Solopreneurs or early stage business owners
  • Owners with a solid business plan and an established business
  • Entrepreneurs thinking about the type of support needed from others, like administrative and marketing services
  • Those whose business is business is making roughly $50,000 a year, but would like to push into the $100,000 range OR those whose business is making around $100,000 a year, but are looking to push into the $250,000 range

What are current participants saying?

The Top 6 curriculum taught in the Navigate cohort is invaluable, but you don’t have to take our word for it! Hear from past and current Navigate Cohort participants on the value of this 12-month course for their business.

Bonita Kolb, Founder of International Tourism Strategies:

Bonita Kolb, Pathway WBC MemberI started the Top 6 program at the age of 66 having left a successful career only knowing that I had talents and energy I have not ever used. This program has given me the focus needed to use my entrepreneurial side. I have now turned a very vague idea into a real possibility.

Was it easy? No, because I had to go through the process of seeing myself as a different type of person – one who could take charge of her future and make it a success.

Am I now where I want to be? No, I still have a way to go on the journey but I know that I have support doing so.

Without Pathway WBC and the Top 6 program I would have given up and just gotten a job working again for someone else.

What has made the difference is working with Terry as a coach, who gently pushes me to be my best self, but also seeing the journeys of the other women in the group – all very talented, but with the same doubts as myself. When you believe in the people in the group, which is easy to do, you end up believing in yourself!

I now have a business name, logo, website, blog and promotional material. Far from being afraid of sharing my idea with perspective clients, I am excited to do so!

Look out world. Here comes International Tourism Strategies. I can help your hotel staff communicate successfully across language and culture!

PJ Olsen, Founder of Restorative Strength

PJ Olsen with Pathway WBCBefore joining Pathway WBC and meeting Terry Humphrey, I had just started a business I am very passionate about, but I was struggling to find clients. I knew that in spite of all that I’d learned by attending seminars and workshops on running a small business, I needed focused guidance in areas where I was just plain lacking in skills and/or knowledge.

I attended the introductory workshop offered through Pathway WBC, and quickly discovered that Terry Humphrey, the coach of the Navigate Cohort, is not only incredibly knowledgeable and resourceful, but she’s also extremely approachable, down to earth, and just plain enjoys helping small business owners succeed! I truly felt that she was the one business coach who could help me overcome obstacles and get me moving in the right direction.

Since starting Terry’s Navigate Cohort six months ago, she has helped me enormously in more ways than I can count! She has helped me with my messaging in making it more clear, concise, and understandable to the audience I’m trying to reach. The daily/weekly structure that I was lacking may still not be in place the way I want it, but I have a great template to follow that Terry went over in depth at our weekend retreat (which was jam packed with invaluable information). There’s been great marketing information and ideas shared on how to prepare different level offerings which I never would have thought of on my own! Terry then took time out of her day to assist me in composing a business proposal…on short notice, nonetheless! That well scripted proposal (thanks, Terry!) has kept me in the running for a possible strategic alliance that I’d been seeking with a couple of highly regarded chiropractors!

Thanks to Terry, I now feel confident that I know exactly what I need to do to in order to start making my business profitable. She isn’t afraid to tell you what you need to hear, but she does that in a very pleasant manner! Terry truly loves what she does and cares about her clients and their success! I couldn’t have asked for a better business coach and I am so grateful for Pathway WBC!

How do I enroll in the Navigate cohort?

First, we recommend you take the quick Pathway Cohort Quiz to see if Navigate is the right fit for your stage of business. If your results say Navigate sounds like a great fit, great! Come to our monthly “Try Before You Buy: Navigate Information Session.” These information sessions are held the THIRD Tuesday of every month from 11:30am-1:30pm at rotating locations.

Visit our events calendar for the next Navigate information session. See you soon!