Nashville business mentor program officially launches

Pathway WBC’s new entrepreneur and small business owner mentor program is well underway

On February 16, 2017, more than 75 local professionals gathered at Refinery Nashville to learn how they can volunteer for our updated mentorship program for local entrepreneurs and startups.

During the event, founder of Letter Logic Sherry Deutschmann shared her journey from starting her business in the basement of her home to growing it to a multi-million dollar company over the span of 14 years, and how essential the roles of mentors were to her success. One of Sherry’s mentors, Brad Stevens, took the stage and described his approach to mentoring (hint: it involves a lot of homework) and how his approach helps keep business owners and their team tracking and achieving outcomes.

As we hope happens within our own program, the mentee became the mentor, and Sherry now serves on the National Women’s Business Council, a small group of women who advise the President and Congress on issues related to women entrepreneurs.  She also serves on the Board of Directors for the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce, Thistle Farms and The Nashville Entrepreneur Center.

We also heard from a pair who was partnered through the WBC, Andrea Stilwell, the Chief Officer of Education at Interfaith Dental Clinic and Julia Bonner, the founder and president of Pierce Public Relations, a national public relations agency that helps brands and individuals accomplish their business goals through strategic PR programs. Julia and Andrea highlighted the importance of maintaining structure to the mentor/mentee relationship and how preparation before meetings and accountability throughout the partnership made a huge difference for Julia while growing her business.

Mentor Mixer photo collage

Perhaps the most poignant message to entrepreneurs during the event was the advice Brad Stevens gave Sherry early in their relationship, and that she now shares with her own mentees:

“Be yourself. Better yourself. Bet on yourself.”


We look forward to helping entrepreneurs and small business owners better themselves and each other in the months to come through our new program. To learn more about the Pathway WBC mentor program, click here.

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