Money Smart for Small Business

Money Smart for Small Business is a training program for small businesses developed jointly by the FDIC and Small Business Administration. The training is delivered in 1-hour sessions, to be held by the Pathway Women’s Business Center each Tuesday night and participants are introduced to a different topic in each session and provided an overview, basic concepts and key points.

Money Smart for Small Business sessions provides a broad overview of essential business concepts, which provide business owners the opportunity to clearly understand the magnitude of starting, owning and operating a business. As a result of these sessions, participants gain the ability to become better business owners and potentially better customers for financial institutions in our community.

Topics covered include:

  • Banking Services – Designed for Small Businesses
  • Credit Reporting – Demystified
  • Financial Management – Understanding this Critical Practice
  • Insurance – Choices for businesses
  • Organization Types – Pros and Cons of Business Structures
  • Recordkeeping – As a Managerial Tool
  • Risk Management – Planning for What You Can and Cannot Control
  • Tax Planning and Reporting

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