Are You Ready to Mixtroz at Tech Academy

Kerry "Mixtroz-ing it up" with daughter, Ashlee during IDEAcon2016

Kerry “Mixtroz-ing it up” with daughter, Ashlee during IDEAcon2016

Don’t waste another networking event. Make the most of Tech Academy with Mixtroz.

Mixtroz is a networking tool created by a dynamic mother-daughter duo consisting of Franklin based Kerry Schrader and her daughter, Ashlee Ammons, who resides in NYC. It is a tool that adds efficiency and effectiveness to present day networking. Mixtroz is the ONLY mobile app that takes the awkwardness out of networking and provides “Intentional Networking” opportunities for individuals. Simply stated, “Mixtroz brings real people (not profiles) together in real time for a curated networking experience based on common interests and personality traits,-LIVE!” It further enhances networking opportunities for 25-5,000+ attendees, by acting as a super-social best friend who brings you into smaller groups of 3-10 and makes the link of common interests with other group members for you and it uses our beloved smartphone technology to bring the conversation back to face-to-face for human interactions that build stronger, longer-lasting connections. No more meaningless “clicks” on-line or pockets full unknown business cards. For additional information, please feel free to check them out at

Tech Academy is an early adopter of their technology. Join us on March 29th, from 8am – 5pm, to experience the app firsthand and learn more about the latest technology trends for business.

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