Meet The Team: Kenya Nelson Stevens, New Pathway WBC Advisory Board Member

Kenya Nelson Stevens, founder and Principal of KNS Solutions, connected with Pathway through one of her clients. As someone who has personally taken advantage of Pathway WBC’s education classes, she is honored to teach several of the financial literacy classes and serve as mentor for Ignite 360.


What is your career and business?

I am the Founder and Principal of KNS Solutions. Through our accounting services and health and wellness services, we strive to assist our clients in growing professionally and personally. We provide online accountant services, financial organizing, bookkeeping and consulting. As a wellness advocate, I see the importance of promoting emotional, mental, and spiritual health and am motivated to educate my clients on natural health and beauty solutions as well.

What’s the best part of your job? What motivates you?

The best part of my job is the ability to constantly share with others. I’m always learning and taking in new information and I believe we “prosper to share” and that’s exactly what I do. Financial organization and health and wellness enrich my life, and I want it to enrich others’ lives as well.

What drew you to Pathway WBC?

One of my first clients was also a Pathway client which is how I connected with Pathway Lending. Since then I’ve established a partnership with Pathway and often refer my clients to their loan programs and education programs. When it came time to launch my business full-time, I wanted to take advantage of Pathway WBC’s education classes and signed up myself. That was a full circle moment for sure.

Describe your involvement with the WBC.

I am honored to be a part of the Embark Cohort and teach several of the financial literacy classes. I have enjoyed the one-on-one with participants throughout the 8-week program and am overjoyed to stay in touch with some of the clients.  I am also a mentor within the 360 Ignite course which gives me another opportunity to support the growth of women business owners.

Why do you like working with the WBC?

I like working with the WBC because it’s so empowering to be a part of a community of women business owners that are taking their skills and expertise and really owning those and then building  businesses on their passions or to fill needs they have found in their own lives. Pathway WBC is a great space to build a community and collaborate with other women who have the same fears and questions as I do and talk through and overcome those fears with each other.

How has the WBC helped your professional growth?

The WBC has really confirmed that I’m doing the right thing, and it confirms my mission really matters and impacts others. The community found within the WBC inspires me to keep learning and sharing with other entrepreneurs.

What advice do you have for new entrepreneurs?

Stick with it, remain focused, remain positive, and educate yourself. Remember that everything is a learning opportunity and you can always do something better.

Who inspires you?

My son inspires me. Although he’s a grown man now, he’s still my why. Just knowing all he is and all he is becoming causes me to look up to him.

Fun Fact:

I actually met Mason Worthington, who is a Senior Business Advisor at Pathway, several years ago because we were both working on a transit advocacy board. I finished my undergraduate and graduate degrees as a working adult, a mom, and without a car. I used public transportation throughout my schooling and that just proves to me you can do anything you set your mind to.

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