Kate O’Neill: Technology Amplifies the Power of Your Brand

kate-oneill-for-workitnashville-crop-byOur inaugural Technology Academy is a one-day conference on March 29th that’s bringing together some of the brightest minds in digital marketing, cyber security and mobile business apps from Nashville to New York. Kate O’Neill, Founder/CEO of KO Insights is kicking off the day with a workshop for small businesses to gain a broader understanding of how current technology solutions can improve the financial performance of their business.

Kate can trace the origins of her love for technology to when she was a very young girl. “My parents weren’t particularly tech savvy but they were definitely avid consumers of technology. We had a Commodore 64 when they first came out and I remember the speech synthesizer that plugged in that you could program to speak. From an early age, I guess you could say that I learned the fundamentals of programming from the technology surrounding me.”

In third grade, Kate won a programming contest when she created a game called Doggie that was basically “Frogger” but with a dog. Her school encouraged her to code and for that she is very grateful. “Everyone needs to be introduced to technology early in life. Digital data underpins everything; it’s all around us.”

Kate went on to study German, Russian, and linguistics at the University of Illinois at Chicago and was totally fascinated by the first graphical web browser. She learned to do basic HTML and built a website for the language lab. This was the first departmental website of its kind and she was recruited to Toshiba in California to build an intranet for them. Kate has been a leader in the technology industry for years now and will bring her expertise to the audience for Tech Academy.

“You need to understand the core of your business is and how technology can help you. A Founder or President or CEO who understands what role technology plays will make the business better and stronger. I tell people that they must use technology to build out your core competencies.”

Kate sees a trend in companies getting smarter and more meaningful when it comes to customer experience. “Technology will help small businesses be empowered to create aligned experiences from start to finish. They can look at data trends and apply at a customer segment level and interact intelligently with their customers. This amplifies the power of your own brand.”
For inspiration, one of Kate’s favorite websites is Brain Pickings. “It’s focused on meaning, provides human level insights and is profoundly interesting.” We know Kate will be profoundly interesting when she speaks to our attendees on March 29th and we’re excited that she’s coming back to Nashville just for us!

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