Help Women-Owned Businesses Break Through Barriers Toward Success

Did you know women own around 40% of all businesses in the United States, yet only receive about 2-3% of venture financing? The reasons aren’t totally clear, but it’s likely due to a mixture of gender disparities in the venture capital world as well as gender biases when it comes to decisions about when and how to lend money.

To help break down gender stereotypes in the business world and help further research into women-owned businesses, you can do your part by completing a short survey through the Florida Institute of Technology. Beth Gitlin, Ph.D. Candidate at FIT, is asking challenging questions to uncover actionable information on the factors related to achieving entrepreneurial success and growth. If you’re a business owner or entrepreneur, completing the survey will help by lending insight into your own growth as well as external factors you faced that may have hindered your business success.

Complete the survey here:

Whether you own your own business or not, you can also lend your entrepreneurial expertise through the Pathway WBC Ignite 360 Mentor Program. Our program is designed to cut through the challenges and roadblocks that many entrepreneurs face. Mentors come from all different backgrounds provide guidance, expertise, and more, while mentees walk away with a clear path toward the next level of their business. Using the resources and help available through Ignite 360, your growth and revenue will advance much faster than it would if you go it alone.

For more information, or to apply as a mentor or mentee, visit our Ignite 360 page.