Financial Education: Insurance and Identity Protection

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In case you missed our earlier blog posts, so far we’ve featured the following topics in our Financial Literacy Month blog series:

Each topic also corresponds to our free online financial education courses, so be sure to explore all TEN of our short, self-paced modules. We’re wrapping up with two of the most important topics from our online financial education courses: Insurance and Identity Protection.

Final Financial Literacy Month blog topics: Insurance and Identity Protection


Insurance protects you and your property from unexpected financial risk of loss and is a key part of any financial plan, and needs to be reevaluated on a regular basis. There are several types of insurance to consider: car, life, health, and home insurance are some of the most common and are covered in our Insurance module.

In addition to your personal insurance, insurance for your business is one of the most important things you can invest in, especially as a small business owner. In fact “Obtain Insurance” is step 8 of 11 in Pathway Lending’s “How to Start a Business” article.

How much should you pay for insurance and what does it cover? It depends on your plan, which is essentially made up of three parts:

  • Premium: The amount you’re required to pay your insurer for a specific amount of time for your insurance policy (payment might be due all at once, or it can be divided and paid in monthly or quarterly increments).
  • Deductible: The amount you must pay before your insurance coverage begins (payment is made in addition to the regular price of your premium).
  • Copay or Coinsurance: Typically a fixed fee (copay) or percentage (coinsurance) that you pay for covered medical services.

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Financial Education: Identity ProtectionIdentity Protection:

Consumer fraud” is an illegal practice that uses a product or service to intentionally deceive an individual for money. “Identity theft” is a deceptive practice that uses an individual’s personal information to misrepresent or impersonate that person for money.

One of the most sensitive pieces on information you have is your social security number – it plays a big part in your credit score, so be sure to be vigilant in protecting this important data.

Explore some of the ways consumer fraud and identity theft happen, like by phone, phishing and email scams, and more in the Identity Theft Module, and learn more about the consumer protection laws and federal agencies that protect consumers.

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