Financial Literacy Month: BUDGETING

Financial Literacy Month Budgeting ModuleLearn How to Create a Monthly Budget Using Our Interactive Planning Tool

Today we’re going to cover an item that might be the most important of all – how to create and track your budget. If you want to start a business, one of the VERY first things you will need to do is create a master your personal budget, and then do the same for your business.

How much do you bring in each month, and how much are you spending on rent, your mortgage, entertainment, food, gas, cell phone bills, and more?

Before we begin, let’s review what financial literacy topics we have covered so far in this series:

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Fourth in this series? HOW TO BUDGET


Creating a budget is not as complicated as might think! This module includes how to capture your spending and saving habits on a monthly basis and an interactive budgeting tool that you can use as often as you want and email to yourself. Better understand your financial habits and start working toward your financial goals!

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