Last Call for 2017 Cohorts this Fall!

Last call for Pathway WBC Cohorts this fall

Pathway WBC will offer one more flight of Discover and Embark Cohorts in 2017

If you’ve been thinking about starting a business or looking for a support system to help you grow an existing business, now is the time to join Pathway WBC. We offer relevant, affordable, and inclusive training for entrepreneurs at every stage of business and in any industry.

We offer two incredible 7-week cohorts based on your stage of business:

  • Discover Cohort: If you have an idea for a business or a side hustle you think you could turn into a business, this is the one for you. In our Discover Cohort, you’ll conduct customer interviews, learn basic business financial terminology, and outline your Business Plan. Our Discover 3 cohort launches Thursday, September 14 and runs through Thursday, November 2. Discover 3 classes will be held at McGruder Family Resource Center. Enrollment in Discover is $200.
  • Embark Cohort: If you’re already selling your product or service to clients, but need structure like writing a business plan, pricing your product, configuring projections, and more, than Embark is right for you. This cohort uses LivePlan software to help entrepreneurs keep their financials, SWOT analysis, and all the other business details in one place. Embark 4 will launch Thursday, October 5 and runs through Thursday, November 16. Embark 4 classes will be hosted at Pathway WBC. Enrollment in Embark is $450.

We only have one more flight of each of these cohorts in 2017. Ready to join?

Your first step to joining a Pathway WBC Cohort is to attend a Blue Sky Workshop

Blue Sky Workshops are two-hour goal setting sessions where we introduce ourselves and help you explore where you are with your business and where you want to be.

Find all our upcoming Blue Sky Workshops right here.

Email us anytime with questions about Pathway WBC Cohorts or Membership.