Embark Cohort Testimonials

New entrepreneurs gain confidence and structure through Pathway WBC’s Embark Cohort

Pathway WBC recently graduated our first Embark Cohort on March 16. Eight entrepreneurs have spent seven weeks building a business plan utilizing LivePlan software. Under the guidance of Pathway Lending Business Advisory staff and our WBC team, these small business owners are ready to conquer the world.

Here is what the Embark 1 Graduates had to say about building their business with Pathway WBC:


Pathway WBC member Candace WarnerCandace Warner, people3

The best part of Embark was the feedback from my fellow cohort members, our instructor, and the relationships we’ve built. I’ve learned to focus my company’s message and market in ways that address the solutions people3 offers rather than over-explaining the business model.

My advice to Embark 2? Don’t be afraid to share your ideas to get valuable insights and an honest perspective on your business.


Pathway WBC Member Laura HilemanLaura Hileman, Fire By Night

Since starting Embark 1, I’ve been able to talk about my business and what I do in a more practical and results-focused way. I’m learning to target my audience, and then to market to them more clearly.

My advice to the next class in the Embark Cohort is to ask for help and to be patient – it won’t all come together in a few weeks, but building your business plan is invaluable for long-term success!


Pathway WBC Member Kealie WilliamsKealie Williams, entrepreneur

Through the Embark Cohort, I clearly defined my target market and refined my offerings. My biggest “ah-ha” moment was to just get moving – focus, then expand your idea, and allow for growth. By breaking the process down, I was able to move everything forward!

My advice to Embark 2 is to embrace the expertise of the group and be open to feedback. Be comfortable with shifts to your original idea and you’ll end up where you need to be!


Pathway WBC Member Hollie PooleHollie Poole, Verum Essentials

My biggest takeaway from Embark has to be confidence – I’m not afraid to stand up and let people know I have a great product. Through our work with the LivePlan software, I now know the actual cost of making each individual project – it’s really opened my eyes! 

My advice to Embark 2? Do your best to work through the fear. It’s a lot easier when you know that people are there to help. Dive in and get as much info as you can, and then use it!



If you’ve started a business or are getting ready to, but need support, apply for a Pathway WBC Cohort. The Embark Cohort is designed for new entrepreneurs who are serious about building a strong structure and crafting a plan to make their business succeed.

The best part? We’re gearing up for our next Embark Cohort, Embark 2!

Please note that each Embark Cohort will be limited to a maximum of 10 business owners, and due to the confidential nature of the meetings, no direct competitors will be allowed in the same cohort and applicants are placed on a first come, first served basis.

Embark 2 classes will begin on Thursday, April 6, so if you want to join, email us today!