Cordia Harrington welcomes Pathway WBC to The Bakery Cos.

“The Bun Lady” talks shop with Pathway WBC’s Guide Cohort

This summer, Cordia Harrington welcomed members of our Guide Cohort to her new Green Hills headquarters for The Bakery Cos. Harrington shared the ups, downs, and lessons she has learned on her journey to being one of the top female business owners in America.

Here are just a few insights Cordia Harrington shared with our Cohort Members:

Sharing the struggles she faced as a single mother starting over as an entrepreneur, Harrington did not mince words. “Survival mode was motivator,” said Harrington. “I lived under a ‘If you don’t kill it, you can’t eat it’ mentality.”

On being a woman in a male-dominated industry, Harrington laughed and said “It still happens in meetings where I’ll make a point with data and it will be glossed over until a man repeats the same thing and gets heard. The only difference now is that I call them out on it.”

“We all need to stay true to ourselves as women. Trust your gut and go with what you know is right,” said Harrington. “Know people may not listen, understand or respect the little things you do at first, but trust your gut. Women are good at this.”

Read more about Cordia Harrington and the story behind The Bakery Cos in this recent article in the Ledger. See more photos of our visit to The Bakery Cos. on the Pathway WBC Facebook page.

Pathway WBC meets with Cordia Harrington

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