Client Profile: Steady Rollator Carrier

Finding a serial entrepreneur with an exceptional track record for building successful businesses who also happens to be a woman isn’t as unlikely as you may think.  Meet Sherry Costanza Steady, Pathway Women’s Business Center client and founder of Sherry’s Wheels, Steady Rollator Carrier, and several others.

Sherry has mastered the art of identifying a need and building a business from the ground up to meet that need.  Her latest venture, Steady Rollator Carrier, was born from her own personal experiences with her aging parents and their need to travel with rollator walkers. From day one, this has been a family business: Sherry launched it with her father, worked to streamline the design with her husband, and even works with her daughter on sales and distribution.

Sherry has found success in this market; she holds the patent and is the only manufacturer of rollator walker carriers. The carrier itself affixes to the trailer hitch of your car or truck much like a bicycle rack. It’s lightweight yet durable, adjustable, and frees up space in your car – it’s designed to easily meet the needs of our aging population.

What really makes Sherry a stand out entrepreneur is the time she puts in to each sale. She believes the personal touch with her customers, most of which are elderly or disabled, is critical to her success. During our conversation she even took a sales call to help explain the product to a potential new customer.

This personal touch is also what attracted Sherry to the Pathway Women’s Business Center, where she met Mildred Walters and found a home for herself and her growing business. Sherry understands that as an entrepreneur, you never stop learning. She actively participates in many of the Center’s classes and made new connections with local SCORE and SBA offices.

Sherry will take these new lessons to heart as she continues to grow her business. There are several new and exciting products coming out of Sherry’s Madison, Tennessee manufacturing facility. In the coming months, Steady Rollator Carrier will begin selling double mount and trunk mount carriers to clients across the United States. We’re excited to see what the future holds for Sherry, and look forward to seeing more of these carriers on the road!

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