Client Profile: Dr. Katherine Y. Brown Learn CPR America

Learn CPR America CollageMinorities are 30% less likely than other communities to get bystander CPR if they need it.

Dr. Katherine Y. Brown, Founder of Learn CPR America, LLC is on a mission to change this statistic, and she’s doing it one community, one door, and one person at a time. Over 10 years she followed a calling, taking her from Chicago to Israel and right back here to Nashville, to provide CPR training to more than 200,000 people.

88% of cardiac arrests happen at home, meaning the life you save will most likely be someone you love.

Dr. Brown’s passion for service through CPR education started as a personal matter.  Her mother, who sparked her interest in healthcare years earlier, went into cardiac arrest in the hospital and no one was there to help. Without hesitation, Dr. Brown called on her CPR training and saved her own mother’s life. Her goal is to share this knowledge and empower others to save the lives of their loved ones.

The more people standing around during an emergency, the less likely someone is to act.

Dr. Brown started her business at 87th & Cottage Grove on the South Side of Chicago, a community that many people avoid, with high poverty, crime, and mortality rates. But Dr. Brown set up shop in this neighborhood with the goal of advocating for people who don’t know they need an advocate. While this hasn’t always been easy her passion, warmth, and commitment to the community won over even the harshest critics. Just this year Dr. Brown has been recognized for her hard work, winning both the Athena International young professional leadership award and the Societas Docta, Inc. Nefertiti award.

If someone is in cardiac arrest, CPR can only make the situation better.

Dr. Brown has spent 10 years not only saving lives but also strategically from a single storefront on Chicago’s South Side to a business that takes her around the world. Her next goal is to reach the $1 million revenue mark. That’s why she connected with Mildred Walters at the Pathway Women’s Business Center. As a WBC client Dr. Brown received transparent, honest advice about her goals. She also received a primer on government contracting, a potential means to achieve her revenue goals.  Dr. Brown is now a part of the WBC community, a community that will support her with education and advice just as she does for the many communities where she works.

To learn more about Dr. Katherine Brown, or request CPR training, visit her