Ashley Northington - DENOR Brands + PR

Ashley Northington – Standing Out at Pathway WBC

Ashley Northington is an entrepreneur who craves new opportunities and the challenges they bring. She’s also a fixture at the Women’s Business Center, where she has taken the opportunity to learn as an entrepreneur and grow as a leader.

Since 2009, Ashley has served as Director at DENOR Branding & Public Relations, where she crafts strategic social media strategy, inbound marketing, brand development and public relations to help her clients share their story.

If it’s one thing you should know about Ashley, it’s this: She’s serious about her work and she’s enthusiastic about sharing her passion for branding & PR with others.

“I am super passionate about collaborating with people who share my excitement and dedication to the work,” says Ashley. “I take my job seriously, as I feel I was created to communicate and help others do so in a more effective way.”

But to smartly grow her business and reach more customers Ashley needed a mentor. She began working with Mildred Walters shortly after the WBC opened in January.

“I LOVE working with Mildred as my business coach. I greatly respect and admire her and I totally trust her to guide me in the right direction. I rely on her guidance and I feel like I have a community of supporters at Pathway WBC!”

That guidance has helped Ashley take on new opportunities. At the WBC we’ve been lucky to put Ashley’s skills to work as a teacher for our Social Media School. As one of the facilitators, Ashley is building relationships with other business owners and helping them grow by telling their brand’s story.

There’s a lot on the horizon for Ashley as DENOR celebrates its five-year anniversary in June. For the next few months she’ll be re-designing the company web site and preparing a new suite of social strategy classes and marketing strategy e-books that will be available this fall.

To learn more about Ashley, visit her online at or follow her on Twitter @AshNorthington