Lessons for entrepreneurs from Mignon Francois

Founder and CEO of The Cupcake Collection shares inspiration, motivation at Pathway WBC

Advice for entrepreneurs from Mignon Francois at Pathway WBCOn May 3, Founder and CEO of The Cupcake Collection Mignon Francois was the guest of honor at Pathway WBC’s Power Surge, a networking event designed specifically for entrepreneurs.

With her signature ear-to-ear smile, she shared her struggles and inspiration with more than 40 local small business owners.

Lessons for entrepreneurs from Mignon Francois:

  1. Know who you are and follow your spirit.

“Your name is powerful – I always knew with a name as big as mine, I’d be something one day,” said Mignon. “When people begin to be in tune with who their Creator made them to be, it’s a powerful thing. Introduce yourself with confidence because you were made to be something incredible.”

“Remember – just because of where you started doesn’t mean you have to stay there. Your personality is your biggest asset or your biggest liability, so try to sprinkle as much joy into other peoples’ lives as you possibly can, and follow your spirit.”


  1. You can do the impossible.

When Mignon and her family moved into their two-room Germantown home, it was condemned and they used a generator for electricity. Drowning in debt, Mignon used their last $5 to bake some cupcakes to sell. The only problem was she couldn’t bake cupcakes – not even from a box.

“I called my grandmother to get a cake recipe,” said Mignon. “She laughed and said she didn’t use recipes, but she’d try to help. She talked me through step by step how to measure with my hands over the phone.”

“In my chemistry classes in undergrad, I could never get the equations to click. What I couldn’t apply 17 years earlier in chemistry 101 suddenly made sense to me. She was giving me a chemical equation, and it all made sense.”

“We took $5 and turned it into a $10 million cupcake company,” said Mignon. “There is so much power and freedom with what you can do with your hands.”


  1. The time to start is now.

“What are you waiting for? The moment you’re having right now is the only time you own,” said Mignon. “You never know how long you will be on this earth, or how much time you’ll have to make your mark on it. If you’re dreaming of creating something, this is your sign that it’s time. 

Remember that when you ‘o-w-n’ your ‘n-o-w,’ you’ve already ‘w-o-n.’”

collage of photos from May 3 Pathway WBC Power Surge with Mignon Francois

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