2018 Pathway WBC Cohort launch dates

Opportunities to join Pathway WBC in 2018

Is this the year you take charge of your entrepreneurial destiny? Pathway WBC is here to help with all the resources and support you’ll need to navigate the busy life of a business owner. Our cohorts are a great community of small business dreamers just like you – see what graduates are saying, check your schedule, and get ready to make 2018 YOUR year!

2018 Discover Cohort Schedule

Quiz result: Discover Cohort

Designed for entrepreneurs with a business idea, but no business plan, Discover is perfect for those who want to test their idea or make their side hustle their main gig.

Discover candidates will explore the market and implement financial and business practices to set a strong foundation for growth.

Nashville Discover Schedule:

  • Discover 4: Tuesday, February 6 through Tuesday, March 20
  • Discover 5: Thursday, March 16 through Thursday, April 26
  • Discover 6: Tuesday, June 5 through Tuesday, July 24 (week 5 meets on Thursday, July 5)
  • Discover 7: Tuesday, September 25 through Tuesday, November 13 (skips November 6 for election day)

Lebanon Discover Schedule:

  • Lebanon Discover 1: Launching in April– more details soon!
  • Lebanon Discover 2: More details soon!

“I was really fired up about this idea but I had no idea where to begin. Through the Discover Cohort, I gained an understanding of business structure – I learned how to take this slowly forming idea through specific planning steps. I walked out of those classes every day with about ten times more confidence in myself than I’d had when I walked in.”

– Meredith Watson, Nashville School of Traditional Country Music

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2018 Embark Cohort Schedule

Quiz Result: Embark Cohort

Embark candidates have a business, but need a formalized business plan and projections in order to strategize their road to entrepreneurial success.

Designed for business owners who are already selling a product or service, or will be within the next few months, we’ll have three Embark flights in 2018.

Nashville Embark Schedule:

  • Embark 4: Thursday, February 8 through Thursday, March 22
  • Embark 5: Thursday, June 7 through Thursday, July 26 (skips week of July 4)
  • Embark 6: Thursday, September 27 through Thursday, November 8

“My biggest takeaway from Embark is that you’re not alone! Pathway WBC is an incredibly supportive environment that helped me turn my idea into an actual business plan.”

– Julia Dyer, Nashville Fashion Alliance.

Hear what other Embark graduates have to say about the program in this blog post.

Another Option: Ignite 360 Mentoring Program

Ignite 360 is our mentoring program designed for established entrepreneurs. We will be offering 8 spots in this program in 2018 on a first come, first served basis, and the program will run throughout the year as mentor availability allows. Click here for more information on the application and vetting process to participate in Ignite 360.

How do I join a Pathway WBC Cohort?

If you’re new to Pathway WBC, register for an upcoming Blue Sky Business Modeling Workshop. These classes are offered twice and month, and for just $5, you’ll complete a business assessment and outline your next steps to entrepreneurial success.


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