Thank you for your interest in the Pathway WBC Mentoring Program. This program is designed to meet the needs of entrepreneurs during all phases of their business’ development.

The Pathway WBC Mentoring Program matches our members with successful area professionals that have generously volunteered to donate their time. Through regular communication and meetings, mentors will guide and support you as you accomplish your business goals for the coming year.

The Matching Process

The matching process is designed to match mentees and mentors based on information you provide in our pre-match questionnaire. The mentor will send his or her most current resume to Pathway WBC staff for review. We will match mentees and mentors based on current and desired expertise and areas of development, past experiences, interests, location and expectations. Pathway WBC staff will suggest the match to the mentor and if it is accepted, our staff will facilitate the introduction.

Roles, Responsibilities and Expectations

Mentees are expected to take an active role in their own development by identifying and sharing their needs, being receptive to feedback, setting realistic goals with their mentor, contributing ideas, asking questions, communicating effectively and being respectful.

Mentors roles will differ depending on the mentee. Mentors are expected to help entrepreneurs navigate their way from emerging entrepreneurs to successful business owners, sharing lessons learned, encouraging their mentees to achieve their goals, focusing on what they are doing well and providing constructive feedback to promote professional growth. Mentors are expected to be role models, always projecting high standards of professionalism and a positive attitude.

The Kickoff Meeting

Once a match has been confirmed,  a kickoff meeting will be held during which the pair will identify desired outcomes and set a time-line and action plan.

The mentee is responsible for contacting the mentor.  Contact between participants can be by phone, e-mail or in person meetings.  Information should be kept confidential.  The mentor and mentee should take time to get to know each other’s interests and talents as well as their expectations for the relationship.


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