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Let’s get to know your business better and see how we can help you. You’ll start by coming to our popular “Blue Sky” workshop.

Blue Sky is a business modeling workshop designed for entrepreneurs at any stage of business, whether you just have an idea or you’ve been in business for years. In this two-hour workshop, you’ll meet our staff and work through your business model and target markets. Afterward, you’ll meet one-on-one with our staff to discuss the right Pathway WBC membership option for you.

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Pathway WBC Membership Options:

There are currently two membership options at Pathway WBC:

  1. Join a Pathway WBC Cohort

We host several cohorts that bring entrepreneurs from different industries together for 7 weeks to work on their businesses as a group. You’ll meet once a week, work on assignments outside of class, and end with a pitch night celebration.

Pathway Cohort Details
  1. Participate in Ignite 360 mentoring

Customized to meet your business needs, our Ignite 360 mentoring program pairs one entrepreneur with a hand-picked team of mentors to work through specific challenges or obstacles. Think of Ignite 360 as your own personal board of advisors for your business.

Mentor Program Details

What do I get as a Pathway WBC member?

As a member, you get technical training, a community of peers, and hands-on support. Click here to find a full list of membership benefits.

How do I become a Pathway WBC member?

You become a member  when you’re accepted into a Pathway Cohort or into our Ignite 360 mentoring program.

You’re a member from the time you register, regardless of when your personal program  starts, through the end of the calendar year.


Meet our team and learn more about how we help entrepreneurs at an upcoming Blue Sky Workshop.

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