Ignite 360 FAQs

Have questions?

We’ve got answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about how our Ignite 360 mentoring programs work:

Can a business owner who resides outside Nashville participate as mentee?
Yes. If you are able to commute to Nashville and can commit to the travel and pay your own travel expenses.

How much will this cost me?
$3,600 for Ignite 360 (6-month commitment) plus time and sweat equity for both, of course.

Are scholarships available?
We offer partial scholarships to qualified business owners. The mentee application includes a checkbox that indicates your interest in a scholarship. Once we receive your completed mentee application, we’ll send you the scholarship application.

Can I pick my own mentors?
No. Mentors are selected on behalf of the business by Pathway WBC staff. While we will take your preferences into consideration, discretion is left to Pathway WBC staff.

I will be discussing proprietary information during these meetings, how will I be protected?
All mentors are required to sign nondisclosure agreements. They also are required to attend mentor training where confidentiality is discussed at length.

How much time will this require of me?
While time and effort vary from business to business, this will require a significant time commitment. If you are not in a place where you can commit to working on your business, consider applying at a later date, or joining a Pathway Cohort.

Where will the meetings take place?
For the most part, meetings will take place onsite at Pathway WBC/Pathway Lending in Metro Center to ensure quality control and that required paperwork is completed.

How do I know if I am ready to participate in Ignite 360?
Contact Jarlecia Jones at jarlecia@pathwaywbc.org or 615-425-7171 to discuss your eligibility!

Do you offer mentoring outside of the Ignite 360 program?
Yes! Pathway Cohort members receive special access to our staff and network of mentors. Visit our membership page for more information about joining a Pathway WBC cohort.


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