Ignite 360 Mentor Program

Business Mentoring Program from Pathway WBC

Ignite 360 mentoring helps entrepreneurs outperform the competition while advancing to the next level of business growth and sustainability.

Developed by weVENTURE at the Florida Institute of Technology, Ignite 360 is a proven, activity-based and outcomes-driven mentoring program available to Tennessee business owners through Pathway WBC.

Operating a business is like driving a car – to successfully move, all four wheels must be in alignment:

– Processes
– Supply chain and logistics
– Business management and development

– Accounting systems
– Projections and strategy
– Accounts receivable and payable

Human Resources
– Hiring and firing
– Retention and training
– General compliance

Sales and Marketing
– Website and social media channels
– Advertising and public relations
– Leads management, outreach, and development

Need help getting your business in alignment, or could you help a fellow entrepreneur tune up? Become a part of our Ignite 360 mentoring program today.

How Ignite 360 Works:

Pathway WBC offers two levels of Ignite 360 programming:

Ignite 360 ADVANTAGE

Advantage puts you, the business owner or “mentee,” around a table with 3-5 handpicked mentors to address the challenges, goals, and objectives facing your business. You will spend 6 months working with this team of mentors under the guidance of a facilitator.

Advantage requires you step away from the daily administration of your business to both work on and implement your strategy for growth.

During your monthly one-hour meetings, you’ll discover and discuss the underlying issues preventing your business from getting to the next level. Each month, your mentors will assign action items for your business that must be completed before the next month’s session. Each meeting includes time for you to review outcomes from your assigned homework and discuss any findings.


Transition pairs you with one mentor for 3 months to tackle a specific project to stabilize your business and prepare for growth.

Transition is designed for entrepreneurs who have an established business, but are missing one or more of the following components needed before focusing on a growth strategy: operations, finances, human resources, or sales and marketing.

During your monthly one-hour meetings, you’ll discuss the underlying issues preventing your business from getting to the next level, and review any homework assigned by your mentor.

Want to participate in Ignite 360 mentoring with Pathway WBC?

You’ve got two options:

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Ignite 360 mentees are established entrepreneurs or small business owners in the greater Nashville area (or who are willing to travel to Nashville) who can commit to the schedule and workload outlined by Pathway WBC staff for the Ignite 360 Advantage and Transition programs.

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I want to help! Tell me how to become an Ignite 360 Mentor…

Ignite 360 mentors professionals in the Nashville area from various backgrounds including finance, business management, legal, marketing and sales, human resources, and more, who are selected based on the unique needs of each mentee.

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Questions about Ignite 360

Tara Houston is Pathway WBC’s Ignite 360 Program Manager who ensures quality and oversees the vetting process for all participants.

Visit our Ignite 360 Frequently Asked Questions page for more details, or contact Tara Houston at tara@pathwaywbc.org or (615) 425-7173.

Not ready to commit to Ignite 360?

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